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Barbara Masters

Your Trusted Mortgage Partner

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Hi, my name is Barbara Masters. I'm a Loan Officer with Home Loans, offering personalized mortgage solutions, fast customized quotes, great rates, & service with integrity. Whether you’re buying, selling, refinancing, or building your dream home, you have a lot riding on your loan officer. Since market conditions and mortgage programs change frequently, you need to make sure you’re dealing with a top professional
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Meet Barbara Masters:
Your Trusted Mortgage Partner

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Welcome to Our Home Loan Center, your destination for a comprehensive range of mortgage solutions tailored to meet your unique needs and financial goals.

Welcome to our Home Loan Center, where we offer a variety of mortgage solutions:

Home Purchase

Find out how much home you can afford right NOW! Know exactly what you can afford before you start searching for a home.


See if you can lower your rate and monthly payment! Get a quote on a home refinance today for potential savings.

Loan Options

Click below; we have a diverse collection of loan options. Let's get started on your exciting financial journey ahead!


See the action behind our words.


Originating loans for 25 years has allowed Barbara to cultivate lending
relationships and a level of
expertise that financially benefits clients and is deeply respected by
industry professionals


By choosing to be a boutique broker of loan products, our firm is in the best position to deliver optimal choice, aggressive rates, and personal service to every client.


Here is what we say to challenges – “bring it on.” We work tirelessly to close all loans, and we don’t walk away when a client is up against tough circumstances. Our work ethic has earned us the reputation as to go-to lender when everyone else has failed.
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Our Services

Flexible, adaptable, and adjustable plans to fit your needs

Barbara’s commitment to her work is matched only by her dedication to her family as a mother of two and her passion for the outdoors as an avid equestrian. This balance of professional expertise and personal interests has earned her recognition as a five-star mortgage professional.

Our Loan Programs

Each loan is designed to match your specific financial needs, offering competitive rates and terms. Ready to find your perfect loan? Contact us for expert advice and start your homeownership journey today.

Conventional Loans

Ideal for borrowers with stable income and good credit. Conforming loans adhere to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac guidelines, while Jumbo loans are perfect for high-value properties exceeding conforming loan limits.

Non-Conventional Loans:

Catering to unique circumstances, such as self-employment or varied credit history, these loans offer flexible options for individuals who may not meet traditional lending criteria, providing tailored solutions for diverse financial situations.

Multi-Family Loans

These loans facilitate in real estate by allowing borrowers to generate rental income and designed for properties with multiple units, such as duplexes or apartment buildings

Construction Loans

Construction loans fund the building of new structures or major renovations. Lenders disburse funds in stages as construction progresses.

VA Loans

VA loans are mortgage options for eligible veterans, active-duty service members, and surviving spouses. Backed by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

Jumbo Loans

Designed for financing luxury homes and high-value properties. These loans are tailored for properties exceeding conventional loan limits, usually over $1 million.

Refinance Options

Offering Rate and Term Refinance to change loan terms and rates, Cash-out Refinance to increase amounts and get cash, and Cash-in Refinance to reduce rates and pay down loans.

Home Equity Loans

Covering Home Equity Lines of Credit (HELOC) for flexible borrowing against home equity and fixed-term Home Equity Loans, often seen as second mortgages.


Interim and Multi-Property Financing

Introducing Bridge Loans for short-term financing, Cross-Collateralization Loans for leveraging equity in existing properties, and Investor Lending Programs, typically hard money loans for real estate investments.

Barb's Solutions

Home Equity Loans

Explore our Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) Loans, a flexible financial solution that lets you leverage your home equity. With HELOC, you can access funds up to a certain limit, pay interest only on the amount used, and replenish the credit as you repay. It’s ideal for ongoing expenses, home improvements, or as an emergency fund. Benefit from competitive interest rates, potentially tax-deductible interest, and the security of having funds available when needed. Learn more about how our HELOC can be a strategic financial tool for you.


What our clients say

Amazing Company with an Amazing Team!
From the first call I had with Barbara to get pre-approved until my closing, she was attentive and extremely resourceful. I had no problems getting in contact with Barbara and she was sure to keep me up to date with any documentation needed and the timeline of the loan process. I truly enjoyed working with her throughout this escrow experience.

Alisha B

Barb is the B.E.S.T!!!!!
Barb is a saint! I sent her an email out of the blue, said she helped with our initial mortgage 3 yrs ago and could she give me pointers for a refi... at about 8pm one night. She called me 10 mins later, explained it all, walked me thru getting started, and 45 days later here we are! She knows her job, remembers her clients, and provides excellent customer service! Makes me wish I needed additional mortgage services! 🙂

Daiziedot from Port Orchard, WA

Beyond expectations!
Barb is beyond exceptional, she was there every step of the process to promptly answer my questions, ease of providing her documentation, quick closing and despite a refi boom due to crazy low rates I felt like I was her only client. I can't wait to send her referrals.

Lacie F from Bremerton, WA

Rock Star loan officer
Barbara Masters was excellent to work with, we encountered several different problems with the seller, the hold for escrow issues etc. Barbara bent over backwards to get this loan through the process, I felt that she was on my side and wanted to see my family in our new home. I appreciated her attention and willingness to work through all of the issues.

Tdhof from Silverdale, WA
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